A Guide to Different types of Door Hinges: Shower Door Hinges

Generally speaking, door hinges are a kind of bearings that join two objects and provide the necessary angle of rotation between these objects. Shower door hinges function in the same way. As a rule, door hinges are made of flexible material and contain moving components. Briefly speaking, these hardware items serve as joints between the door frames and the doors themselves. There are different types of door hinges including:

  • - Pivot
  • - Barrel
  • - Butt / Mortise
  • - Continuous, or piano
  • - Case
  • - Concealed
  • - Flag
  • - Butterfly
  • - Strap
  • - H
  • - HL
  • - Shower door hinges

Let's give brief characteristics of each of these types.


Barrel hinge is a kind of sectional barrel that is attached with the help of a pivot. Generally speaking, a barrel is represented by a hollow cylinder that helps the doors to rotate.


As it can be understood from the name, case hinges are meant for briefcases and suitcases. Most of them have very attractive designs.

Butt / Mortise:

Butt / Mortise hinges are used rather commonly nowadays. They are used to help the door in operating that is to open and close conveniently and smoothly, more sapira mattress. They are mainly used for exterior doors. As the latter are frequently subjected to severe weather conditions they are produced from stainless steel or brass to prevent corrosive processes.

Continuous or piano:

Continuous hinges are just perfect for bigger doors. They allow the complete rotation according to the length of the doors. These hinges are mainly used for huge doors, boxes, and panels.


These hinges are sometimes called Euro / cup hinges and they are used in the doors of different furniture pieces.


These hinges are also known as Parliament (UK) Hinges. They have a great historical background being used since the 17th century. These hinges can be called really unique because they can be used in both heavy and light doors. These exclusive hinges are available in diverse designs and many sizes. A significant feature of the Parliament hinges is their low price and decorative nature due to their excellent designs. Even though these hinges are used in heavy and big doors most homeowners prefer to get them for smaller doors creating an eye-catching effect.

Flag and Strap:

Flag hinges prove to be extremely useful due to the fact that they allow the door to rotate all 360 degrees. Strap hinges are used for both interior and exterior doors as well as cabinet doors.


H hinges are have such a name due to their H-shape and are used in the passage doors, cabinets, and closet doors.


These hinges may be represented by such three types:

  • - Enduro Ball Bearing Hinge Grade 13 (2.5mm) which can be used on the door which are up to 100kg in weight.
  • - Enduro Ball Bearing Hinge Grade 13 (3mm) which can be used on the doors up to 120 kg in weight.
  • - Enduro Hinge Grade 11 which can be used on the doors up to 80 kg in weight.

Antique effect black:

These hinges are represented two types: Hinge Fixed Pin Hinge, 4" x 2 5/8" and Hinge Fixed Pin Hinge 3" x 2"

Those hinges are available in the following types:

  • - Ball bearing hinges are very durable and provide the door with an extremely smooth rotation.
  • - Plain hinges are available with a 10-year mechanical guarantee,
  • - Parliament hinges make the doors rotate by 180 degrees.
  • - Washer hinges are also durable so they can be used for the doors which are frequently used.

Shower door hinges

These door hinges are used on shower doors mainly, usually sliding or traditional glass doors.