Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 7, 2011 - Daily Blog (#OWS)

Occupy Wall Street Sign of the Day (apparently they need a permit for the igloo)

12:00 AM: I'll be posting this every day between now and Dec. 12 - West Coast port shut down:

12:08 AM: Why West Coast port shut down matters.

12:13 AM: The freeway blogger.

12:19 AM: Re-occupation of homes....

12:25 AM: Obama embraces populism.

12:29 AM: BofA internal email shows concern over Occupy Our Homes.

12:41 AM: Adbusters: After the Encampment:

The history of activism is a cat-and-mouse game of surprising tactical innovations that spark an insurrectionary situation and the counterstrategies developed to put down the revolt. In 1848, the invention of the barricade toppled the King of France and sparked a Europe-wide people's uprising. In 1999, the unique mixture of a carnivalesque mood with human lockboxes disrupted the World Trade Organization's Seattle meeting and launched the alterglobalization movement. In 2003, the speed of the Internet empowered the world's first worldwide, synchronized antiwar protest. In each of these cases, the power structures were taken by surprise, were slow to respond but eventually, through trial-and-error, discovered a successful counterstrategy. If there is one law of activism it is that every tactic which works initially will eventually be defeated if too often repeated....

Our task as revolutionary activists is thus quite difficult: we must continually innovate; we must perceive immediately when one tactic begins to fail; we must be ready to deploy another stratagem....

Attacked on one front, our natural inclination is often to concentrate our energy on winning back lost ground. This may not be the wisest option. In this particular case, we could very easily get stuck in a game of diminishing returns by expending our resources to set up encampments once they've been taken down knowing they will be taken down once again. If we were not able to defend our encampment from eviction when we were strongest, why would we be able to defend it when we are weakest?

This is not to say that we should abandon the encampments but rather that now might be the perfect moment to embrace the innovation that is already happening. Encampments are the site of new ways of being and new forms of revolutionary social organization. At a purely practical level, they provide the food, shelter and resources that are absolutely necessary to many of us. However, the creative re-imagining of the encampment model has already begun … we should encourage it.

We can accelerate the #OCCUPYHOMES meme by making a concerted push on December 6 and beyond to set up squats in bank-owned, foreclosed homes. In addition, we can facilitate the #OCCUPYMIGRATION of occupiers from hostile to friendly cities. There are, for example, over ninety tents at #OCCUPYBERKELEY even though #OCCUPYOAKLAND's encampment a few miles away has been shut down.

While the corporate-State chases symbolic tents, we can start consolidating and fortifying our outdoor encampments in friendly territory until we are strong enough to resist foreclosure. Meanwhile in cities everywhere, let's quietly set up local indoor Occupy Homes in every neighborhood. Both of these spaces just might become the bases for our Spring Offensive.

12:50 AM: Message to SFPD:

1:05 AM: Speaking of cops and #OWS:

1:15 AM: Obama apparently made a hell of a speech (file under too little, too late).

1:19 AM: Speaking of Obama - Wall Street firms have made more under Obama than under Bush.

1:34 AM: Sam Seder on Occupy Homes:

11:20 AM: Yves Smith agrees with you Raenelle - Obama Road Tests Hopey-Changey 2.0: He'll Reincarnate as Teddy Roosevelt If You Are Dumb Enough to Be Fooled Twice (h/t rjs).

11:22 AM: The tent-phobic owners of Zuccotti Park owe back taxes (h/t rjs).

11:25 AM: Everyone make sure to check out Amorphous Thoughts - he's an Occupy Syracuse OWSer and a friend of the blog.

11:31 AM: And if the police departments weren't militarized enough (h/t rjs)....

11:34 AM: Mother Jones OWS piece (h/t rjs).

11:38 AM: Another day, another raid - this time (h/t rjs)Occupy SF.... So sorry to my friends at OccupySF. Here's more on it.

12:26 PM: 6 Occupy SF young women, occupying jail....

12:36 PM: Talk about a dog whistle....

12:52 PM: Currently watching civil disobedience at Occupy DC - protesters lying in the street - singing, chanting.

5:40 PM: Occupy Movement top Time story of the year.

Quote of the Day

A riot is the language of the unheard.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


  1. It's not, and never has been, a question of whether Obama can deliver an inspiring and appropriate speech. After 3 years of his presidency, it's not what he says that's at issue, but what he does. I. Don't. Believe. Him.

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