Saturday, November 12, 2011

Live Blogging #OWS - 11/12/11

November 12, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Sign of the Day

12:00 AM: Pixies Covering Head On...

12:05 AM: Article on giving foreclosed homeowners the right to rent, a policy recently adopted in Ireland and advocated by Dean Baker, whose interview with Occupied Media should be posted today.

12:05: Susan of Texas - who dutifully does the grueling work of taking down the odious McMegan as necessary - has a guest post at the illustrious Naked Capitalism.

2:21 AM: Video and photos from Oakland's general strike.

3:38 AM: Naomi Klein expressed a similar sentiment - nature is the 99% too. In related new, sorry Western Black Rhino of Africa - we fucking suck as a species.

3:42 AM: Colbert - on hippie haven, UC Berkeley - nice catch on the AP "nudging" story:

3:45 AM: OWS plans trip to Egypt.

5:21 AM: Transgendered teen found burned to death and left on the side of the highway.

5:34 PM: A Beginner's Guide to Occupy:

A Beginners Guide to 'Occupy' from Liam Tate on Vimeo.

5:42 AM: Make sure to listen to the young woman's story at the end.

9:46 AM: Good discussion of diversity of tactics - promoting nonviolence.

5:18 PM: Who's behind the vandalism an mayhem at Occupy Oakland?

5:21 PM: Occupy the Dominant Narrative.

5:26 PM: Thoughts on OWS and the 2012 Presidential election.

5:29 PM: Five reasons veterans are part of the 99%.

5:48 PM: Michael Moore for my Mom ...

"I Can't Really Do This Anymore...Unless Those of You Who Are Watching This Want to Join Me" from 'Capitalism: A Love Story' from MMFlint on Vimeo.

6:16 PM: Why inequality suddenly matters...

6:30 PM: Apparently Occupy Salt Lake City is being raided.

6:34 PM: The black bloc anarchists and vandalism at OWS.

7:11 PM: The incomparable Lia Eldridge.

8:43 PM: Tom Hayden on OWS and last week's elections...


  1. David Atkins at Hullabaloo has thrown in the towel on being an Occupy critic. He agrees with Taibbi and admits he was wrong. :-)

  2. Ha, yes I saw that. Except Taibbi's problem was that he was too narrow - he wanted OWS to make a bunch of narrow demands directed towards Wall Street. Atkins was a concern troll - very quick to point out how OWS was doing it wrong (and simultaneously showing how very much he, the Democratic operative, knew about such things). Taibbi wanted something done with Wall Street - Atkins thought OWS was a bunch of unsophisticated, ineffectual kids. And his wisdom was the very worst kind of wisdom - all about how to manipulate voters (messaging) so that you can get power. He couldn't fathom that actually helping people, actually empathizing with people, showing some actual sincerity is what was needed. So, Atkins might think he's like Taibbi in this, but he's really not.

  3. That's human nature--to understand something through the use of old categories. Like Taibbi says, we all squinted at what was happening through our own hopes and fears. It's something new, and we're all learning, and there are going to be a lot of stories amongst the 99% of how they came to embrace the Occupy movement. Progress, not perfection.

  4. Agreed - I never had a problem with Taibbi - Atkins, on the other hand...

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