Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupied Media: Interview With Kevin Gosztola (10/15/11)

Occupied Media's second interview is with Firedoglake blogger Kevin Gosztola (first interview with Jeff Madrick, here). Kevin has been live blogging Occupy Wall Street since day one. He was really the only comprehensive coverage during those early media-blackout days. As we discuss in the interview, Kevin wrote what - to my recollection - was the first full-throated defense of OWS. His piece was picked up by Glenn Greenwald and, in my opinion, turned the debate on the Left in OWS's favor.

The interview begins with Kevin's detailed discussion of the events of 10/15/11 in Times Square. From there, Kevin discusses his experiences covering the movement as well as his thoughts on media and pundit coverage of OWS. I was really taken by Kevin's description of Wall Street as a Green Zone - I've consistently heard this from OWS protesters. We also discuss the "demands" issue, the future of the movement and the role of smaller occupations.

Kevin's reporting is being supported by donation. I think the interview evidences that he's an important voice. So, if you can swing a donation, it's a very worthy cause.


Kevin Gosztola, Why Establishment Media and the Power Elite Loathe Occupy Wall Street

Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina

We Are the 99 % Tumblr

Lisa Derrick

It is Occupied Media's sincere hope that other occupations and/or supporters of OWS will contribute videos to the Occupied Media project - interviews, teach-ins, music videos, etc. Please direct all inquiries and video submissions to:





  1. Excellent job on this.

  2. I'll second that: really well done. I was surprised how considerate Mr. Gosztola was on duller, practical matters like physically getting thru the winter and his hope that posters/contributors at firedoglake (and others)would spend more time suggesting ways to keep warm and maintain shelters rather than solely concentrating on the

  3. I really enjoyed this interview. Kevin is impressive.

  4. My spouse and i had been surprised how considerate Mr. Gosztola had been in duller, sensible matters like in physical form getting through the winter and also their wish of which posters/contributors from firedoglake (and others)would save money time recommending methods to preserve hot and gaze after pet shelters as opposed to entirely emphasizing the actual.active8.com​​

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