Sunday, October 30, 2011

Live Blogging #OWS - 10/30/11

10:35 AM: Started the morning with this...

OccupyTampa Occupy Tampa
by OccupyEngland
Occupy Tampa is being raided.....Occupiers at curtis hixon park need access to trucks and storage Immediately!!!!

11:15 AM: Denver craziness.

An article about protests is India.

11:20 AM: 38 arrests reported in Austin - no injuries reported.

Here is an article re: Austin.

11:30 AM: NY is calling for Winter supplies.

11:46 AM: Naomi Wolf just tweeted this.

Naomi Wolf
GREAT quote reposted and very apt: "Whoever can protest against the injustices of his family but refrains from doing so, should be punished for the crimes of his family.

Whoever can protest against the injustices of the people of his community, but refrains from doing so, should be punished for the crimes of his community.

Whoever is able to protest against the injustices of the entire world but refrains from doing so, should be punished for the crimes of the whole world."


1:07 PM: John Lennon's message to OWS.

More John Lennon stuff showing up on the twitter...

1:24 PM: Photos from Denver.

1:41 PM: Great piece on EPI - I will be interviewing Larry Mishel of EPI next week.

1:42 PM: Mother Jones on the Price of Plutocracy.

1:52 PM: Glenn Greenwald on the importance of the protests.

1:53 PM: Dean Baker (who I'm interviewing on Friday) on how to make the free market work for the 99%.

2:08 PM: A follower has requested I suggest the 20-hour work week as a solution to our current jobs crisis. He provided this link for everyone's consideration. Thanks for reading!.

3:02 PM: Laurie Penny (who tweets as PennyRed - and has done some of the best twitter coverage, IMO) was invited to participate in a debate where she, as a representative of the youth, was on a team with David Willetts, who has blamed our current financial woes on the baby boomers. This definitely falls in the "WTF were they thinking?" category and ranks up there with Stephen Colbert's appearance at the White House Correspondents' Dinner - yes, it's that brutal and it's that good:

It is not the baby boomers who have stolen our future, Mr Willetts. It's you. You, and your government. And we will not forget it in a hurry. Phrasing this robbery in terms of generational conflict is a clever piece of misdirection... but not quite clever enough. As we speak, the streets of this country are full of angry people who are not fooled for a second by this muddled rhetoric about generational conflict. This is class conflict, and it is being waged by the wealthy against everyone else with the full support of a cabinet of millionaires....

I know that I was invited here to back up your case, but Mr Willetts, ladies and gentlemen, what did you expect? How could you possibly ask me, having seen my friends, my family and my contemporaries have their futures stolen and their life choices decimated by policy decisions which you have personally overseen, not to call it like it is?...

I hope that leaving him to back up his absurd arguments on his own will help him, in some small way, to understand one of the few remaining lessons it may be useful for him to learn. Mr Willetts, you are more alone than you think. You, and your government, and governments like it across the world, are losing the argument, just as you will lose this debate....

Right now, as we sit here in this beautiful hall, in this prestigious talk which most of you have paid to attend, students who were involved in a peaceful protest against Mr Willetts' savage university reforms in June are going through the courts. Tomorrow, they may be sent to jail, for no other reason than daring to speak out against the bartering off of British higher education by a political class so drenched in self-deceit that it really thinks posturing about generational conflict will fool us. We are not fooled.

Oh man, I don't think they'll invite her back. I fraking love her!

3:04 PM: Angela Davis shows up at OWS.

5:22 PM: Occupy Denver (appropriately entitled, Holy Shit!):

6:06 PM: This is 1K plus people (I think with OccupySF).

8:47 PM: This says "confirmed report," but so far it's just a tweet as far as I can tell:

_f0rsaken Original Forsaken ✔
by OccupyOregon
#OccupyDenver | confirmed report: one police officer with tears in eyes said "I can't do this anymore" and walked away from line standoff.

10:43 PM: Great piece re: Denver.

10:51 PM: Fuck yeah!


  1. perhaps we should rethink our strategy a little. how about small groups of occupiers camping out on private property of those who support the movement. 1 or 2 nights at a time then move - on to another location like nomads. that way the police can't bother you. supporters with larger properties could take say 30 tents while others 4 or 5. Easily coordinated via twitter or facebook.

  2. @Tara - Well, the point of civil disobedience is to provoke a response. I'm not certain the idea here was to engage in civil disobedience - they're arresting us even when we're not breaking any laws - but the crackdowns actually help the movement grow. So, the point is not necessarily to avoid this confrontation - why can't we assemble for gawdsakes? Assembly is a constitutional right.

  3. There's video of Angela Davis's full talk at the #OWS GS at