Thursday, October 27, 2011

Live Blogging #OWS - 10/27/11

12:06 AM: OccupySF Blockade:

12:08 AM: So brilliant I had to repost:

12:09 AM: Oakland has voted for a general strike for Wednesday, November 2nd. Here is a piece about the last general strike in the United States in 1946 in Oakland, California.

12:15 AM: Six first-hand observers from Occupy Oakland.

12:17 AM:

DustinSlaughter Dustin M. Slaughter
RT @OccupyAgitProp: Every sort of person, race, creed showing up at #OccupySF in support. Seems threat police action galvanized whole city.

12:20 AM: Anonymous video asking people to move money from megabanks into credit unions.

10:58 AM: Listening to Glenn Greenwald on Dylan Rattigan (I listened to this twice in a row).

11:01 AM: Jon Stewart - WTF Happened in Oakland?

11:07 AM: For those who don't remember, this is our Marine (I suppose we now have two Marines - Sgt. Shamar Thomas and Scott Olsen)...

The Peaceful Protest in Solidarity with Occupy Oakland was the most Amazing thing I have experienced so far in Life. SCOTT OLSEN my Brother We Love You! Your with US. Peace and be Well! Support!

11:13 AM: Good news - Scott Olsen's condition upgraded from critical to fair.

11:19 AM: Video recapping events in Oakland:

11:30 AM: Oakland Mayor says she supports protest and will minimize police presence.

11:33 AM: Occupy Oakland on General Strike.

11:35 AM: Can't stop the signal...

11:47 AM:

deniseromano Denise A. Romano
by OWSLosAngeles@
@OWSLosAngeles Send Get Well Card to Scott Olsen c/o Highland General Hospital, 1411 East 31st St., Oakland CA 94602 #OWS #Solidarity

11:58 AM: The Marines are not pleased with the Oakland PD.

12:44 PM: How OWS put the final nail in the MSM's coffin - burn in hell corporate media!

1:03 PM: From Occupy Together...

Occupy Oakland and IVAW — an organization that Scott Olsen is a member of — are organizing the Oakland vigil. It will be held today, Thursday, October 27, 7:00pm PST, during the General Assembly of Occupy Oakland at 14th St. and Broadway.

They are also calling on other occupations that are part of the 99% movement to take time to vigil for Scott this evening. Some occupations will take a few moments during their General Assembly to hold Scott in their thoughts, to honor his commitment to social justice, and to hope for his strong recovery.

2:50 PM: Why the OccupySF raid was called off.

2:54 PM: Popularity of Occupy Wall Street.

3:20 PM: Occupy Oakland on 10/26/11, the day after police raid and critical injury Scott Olsen, voting for Nov. 2nd General Strike.

4:04 PM: Sam Seder interviewing Doug Henwood (who I'm completely crushing on). Make sure to check my interview with Doug - top, left corner of the blog.

4:07 PM: Oakland tent city is back up.

5:18 PM: Oakland police chief resigns.

5:26 PM: MSM covers OWS...

7:10 PM: Occupy Cleveland won a preliminary court battle, allowing for 24/7 occupation.

7:12 PM: Occupy Minnesota helps save homeowner from foreclosure - homeowner says: "Occupy MN was so fabulous."

7:15 PM: Doug Henwood crunches some CBO numbers for us and concludes: It really is about that 1%.

7:17 PM: Great info about Occupying Winter.

7:27 PM:

KeithOlbermann Keith Olbermann
by WeOccupyAmerica
Breaking News: #OWS announces support of #OccupyOakland General Strike 11/2; plans to "sweep Wall Street" in civil disobedience

9:53 PM: FYI...

OccupyGlobalGA The 99%
by sickjew
Anyone asking to speak with “the leader” is a cop.


  1. What do you mean "Oakland" voted for a general strike? The Oakland occupation or the unions who would be carrying the strike out?

  2. @Anonymous - I mean the General Assembly of Occupy Oakland voted for a general strike.

  3. For the first time in my life, I totally get poetry. I love that guy.

  4. The Oakland video recap was terrific, if not a little horrifying. What the fuck are cops doing packing M-16s?! Love that cat at the 5:13 mark embracing the masked protesters while urging civility.